Tournaments in Namibia

Netherlands in Namibia 1989/90
Club Cricket Conference in South Africa and Namibia 1993/94
South African Country Districts in Namibia 1995/96
UCB Bowl 1996/97
UCB Bowl One-Day Competition 1996/97
Denmark in Namibia 1997/98
UCB Bowl 1997/98
UCB Bowl One-Day Competition 1997/98
African Cricket Association Championships 1998/99
UCB Bowl 1998/99
UCB Bowl One-Day Competition 1998/99
UCB Bowl 1999/00
UCB Bowl One-Day Competition 1999/00
Marylebone Cricket Club in Namibia 2000/01
Scotland in Namibia 2000/01
UCB Bowl 2000/01
UCB Bowl One-Day Competition 2000/01
ICC Six Nations Challenge 2001/02
UCB Bowl 2001/02
UCB Bowl One-Day Competition 2001/02
Bangladesh in Namibia 2002/03
Africa/East Asia-Pacific Under-19 Championship 2003/04
Bangladesh in Namibia 2003/04
ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2004
Zimbabwe A in Namibia 2003/04
England in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe 2004/05
Marylebone Cricket Club in Namibia and Uganda 2004/05
Pakistan A in Namibia and Zimbabwe 2004/05
Zimbabwe A in Namibia 2004/05
ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2005
Bermuda in Namibia 2005/06
ICC Central and Southern Africa Under-15s Tournament 2005/06
ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2006
New Zealand in Namibia and Zimbabwe 2005/06
South African Airways Provincial One-Day Challenge 2006/07
South African Airways Provincial Three-Day Challenge 2006/07
Canada in Namibia 2007
ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2007 to 2008
ICC World Cricket League Division Two 2007/08
Scotland in Namibia 2007/08
South African Airways Provincial One-Day Challenge 2007/08
South African Airways Provincial Three-Day Challenge 2007/08
Combined Services in Namibia and South Africa 2008/09
South African Airways Provincial One-Day Challenge 2008/09
South African Airways Provincial Three-Day Challenge 2008/09
Zimbabwe A in Namibia 2008/09
Bermuda in Namibia 2009/10
CSA Provincial One-Day Competition 2009/10
CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition 2009/10
ICC Inter-Continental Shield 2009 to 2010
United Arab Emirates in Namibia 2009/10
Africa Under-19 Championship 2010
CSA Provincial One-Day Competition 2010/11
CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition 2010/11
Marylebone Cricket Club in Namibia 2010/11
Uganda in Namibia 2010/11
CSA Provincial One-Day Competition 2011/12
CSA Provincial T20 2011/12
CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition 2011/12
ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2011 to 2013
ICC World Cricket League Championship 2011 to 2013
Kenya in Namibia 2011/12
Scotland in Namibia 2011/12
CSA Provincial One-Day Competition 2012/13
CSA Provincial T20 2012/13
CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition 2012/13
Namibian Club Premier League 2012/13
Namibia T20 Quadrangular Series 2013
Netherlands in Namibia 2013
Cape Cobras in Namibia 2013/14
CSA Provincial One-Day Competition 2013/14
CSA Provincial T20 2013/14
CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition 2013/14
CSA Provincial 50 over Challenge 2014/15
CSA Provincial T20 Challenge 2014/15
Sunfoil 3-Day Cup 2014/15





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