Fielding in International Women's Cricket Council Trophy 2003 (Ordered by Stumpings)

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Batool Fatima (Pak)5246
MA de Regt (Neth)3426
AM Linehan (Ire)5325
I Iimura (Jap)3011
E Kuribayashi (Jap)5112
SJ Power (WI)5314
K Anderson (Sco)53 3
EA Beamish (Ire)23 3
CM Beggs (Ire)51 1
F Campbell (Sco)41 1
SC de Silva (WI)51 1
AJ Drummond (Sco)51 1
D Francis (WI)52 2
AM Galvin (Sco)31 1
NAJ George (WI)51 1
ME Grealey (Ire)52 2
R Hiroto (Jap)41 1
CNIM Joyce (Ire)41 1
IMHC Joyce (Ire)41 1
D Kooij (Neth)41 1
M Kornet (Neth)31 1
MA Köster (Neth)55 5
S Kubota (Jap)51 1
D Lewis (WI)52 2
BM McDonald (Ire)52 2
VSC Maxwell (Sco)44 4
A Mohammed (WI)11 1
MAC Molenaar (Neth)41 1
JB Nero (WI)52 2
CM O'Leary (Ire)51 1
C O'Neill (Ire)51 1
HW Rambaldo (Neth)52 2
A Ramsay (Sco)41 1
Sadia Butt (Pak)51 1
M Saito (Jap)51 1
Y Saito (Jap)31 1
Sajjida Shah (Pak)51 1
E Sakata (Jap)21 1
CA Salomons (Neth)51 1
Shaiza Khan (Pak)52 2
CMA Shillington (Ire)54 4
PJ te Beest (Neth)52 2
P Thomas (WI)52 2
B Viguurs (Neth)51 1
HE Whelan (Ire)51 1
K White (Sco)51 1
NA Williams (WI)52 2





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