Birmingham and District Premier League Division Two 2014

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

26 Apr 2014  Attock v Brewood Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc398950
26 Apr 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Penkridge Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc398951
26 Apr 2014  Halesowen v Water Orton Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc398952
26 Apr 2014  Leamington v Stourbridge Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc398953
26 Apr 2014  Tamworth v Eastnor Hints Road, Tamworth misc398954
26 Apr 2014  Whitchurch v Old Elizabethans Heath Road, Whitchurch misc398955
03 May 2014  Brewood v Whitchurch Deansfield, Brewood misc398956
03 May 2014  Eastnor v Attock Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc398957
03 May 2014  Old Elizabethans v Halesowen The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc398958
03 May 2014  Penkridge v Leamington Cannock Road, Pillaton misc398959
03 May 2014  Stourbridge v Coventry and North Warwickshire War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc398960
03 May 2014  Water Orton v Tamworth Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc398961
10 May 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Attock Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc398962
10 May 2014  Halesowen v Leamington Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc398963a
10 May 2014  Penkridge v Water Orton Cannock Road, Pillaton misc398964
10 May 2014  Stourbridge v Brewood War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc398965
10 May 2014  Tamworth v Old Elizabethans Hints Road, Tamworth misc398966
10 May 2014  Whitchurch v Eastnor Heath Road, Whitchurch misc398967
17 May 2014  Attock v Tamworth Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc398968
17 May 2014  Brewood v Penkridge Deansfield, Brewood misc398969
17 May 2014  Halesowen v Stourbridge Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc398970
17 May 2014  Leamington v Whitchurch Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc398971
17 May 2014  Old Elizabethans v Eastnor The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc398972
17 May 2014  Water Orton v Coventry and North Warwickshire Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc398973
24 May 2014  Brewood v Leamington Deansfield, Brewood misc398974a
24 May 2014  Eastnor v Coventry and North Warwickshire Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc398975a
24 May 2014  Penkridge v Halesowen Cannock Road, Pillaton misc398976a
24 May 2014  Stourbridge v Old Elizabethans War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc398977a
24 May 2014  Tamworth v Whitchurch Hints Road, Tamworth misc398978a
24 May 2014  Water Orton v Attock Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc398979a
31 May 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Leamington Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc398980
31 May 2014  Eastnor v Brewood Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc398981
31 May 2014  Halesowen v Tamworth Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc398982
31 May 2014  Old Elizabethans v Penkridge The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc398983
31 May 2014  Stourbridge v Water Orton War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc398984
31 May 2014  Whitchurch v Attock Heath Road, Whitchurch misc398985
07 Jun 2014  Attock v Old Elizabethans Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc398986
07 Jun 2014  Brewood v Tamworth Deansfield, Brewood misc398987a
07 Jun 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Halesowen Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc398988a
07 Jun 2014  Leamington v Eastnor Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc398989
07 Jun 2014  Penkridge v Stourbridge Cannock Road, Pillaton misc398990a
07 Jun 2014  Water Orton v Whitchurch Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc398991
14 Jun 2014  Attock v Stourbridge Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc398992
14 Jun 2014  Eastnor v Halesowen Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc398993
14 Jun 2014  Leamington v Water Orton Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc398994
14 Jun 2014  Old Elizabethans v Brewood The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc398995
14 Jun 2014  Tamworth v Penkridge Hints Road, Tamworth misc398996
14 Jun 2014  Whitchurch v Coventry and North Warwickshire Heath Road, Whitchurch misc398997
21 Jun 2014  Brewood v Water Orton Deansfield, Brewood misc398998
21 Jun 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Old Elizabethans Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc398999
21 Jun 2014  Halesowen v Attock Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc399000
21 Jun 2014  Stourbridge v Eastnor War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399001
21 Jun 2014  Tamworth v Leamington Hints Road, Tamworth misc399002
21 Jun 2014  Whitchurch v Penkridge Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399003
28 Jun 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Tamworth Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc399004
28 Jun 2014  Halesowen v Brewood Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc399005
28 Jun 2014  Leamington v Old Elizabethans Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399006
28 Jun 2014  Penkridge v Attock Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399007
28 Jun 2014  Stourbridge v Whitchurch War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399008
28 Jun 2014  Water Orton v Eastnor Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399009
05 Jul 2014  Attock v Leamington Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399010
05 Jul 2014  Brewood v Coventry and North Warwickshire Deansfield, Brewood misc399011
05 Jul 2014  Eastnor v Penkridge Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399012
05 Jul 2014  Old Elizabethans v Water Orton The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399013
05 Jul 2014  Stourbridge v Tamworth War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399014
05 Jul 2014  Whitchurch v Halesowen Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399015
12 Jul 2014  Brewood v Attock Deansfield, Brewood misc399016
12 Jul 2014  Eastnor v Tamworth Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399017
12 Jul 2014  Old Elizabethans v Whitchurch The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399018
12 Jul 2014  Penkridge v Coventry and North Warwickshire Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399019
12 Jul 2014  Stourbridge v Leamington War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399020
12 Jul 2014  Water Orton v Halesowen Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399021
19 Jul 2014  Attock v Eastnor Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399022
19 Jul 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Stourbridge Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc399023
19 Jul 2014  Halesowen v Old Elizabethans Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc399024a
19 Jul 2014  Leamington v Penkridge Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399025
19 Jul 2014  Tamworth v Water Orton Hints Road, Tamworth misc399026
19 Jul 2014  Whitchurch v Brewood Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399027a
26 Jul 2014  Attock v Coventry and North Warwickshire Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399028
26 Jul 2014  Brewood v Stourbridge Deansfield, Brewood misc399029
26 Jul 2014  Eastnor v Whitchurch Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399030
26 Jul 2014  Leamington v Halesowen Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399031
26 Jul 2014  Old Elizabethans v Tamworth The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399032
26 Jul 2014  Water Orton v Penkridge Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399033
02 Aug 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Water Orton Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc399034
02 Aug 2014  Eastnor v Old Elizabethans Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399035
02 Aug 2014  Penkridge v Brewood Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399036a
02 Aug 2014  Stourbridge v Halesowen War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399037
02 Aug 2014  Tamworth v Attock Hints Road, Tamworth misc399038
02 Aug 2014  Whitchurch v Leamington Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399039
09 Aug 2014  Attock v Water Orton Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399040
09 Aug 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Eastnor Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc399041
09 Aug 2014  Halesowen v Penkridge Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc
09 Aug 2014  Leamington v Brewood Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399043
09 Aug 2014  Old Elizabethans v Stourbridge The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399044
09 Aug 2014  Whitchurch v Tamworth Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399045
16 Aug 2014  Attock v Whitchurch Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399046
16 Aug 2014  Brewood v Eastnor Deansfield, Brewood misc399047
16 Aug 2014  Leamington v Coventry and North Warwickshire Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399048
16 Aug 2014  Penkridge v Old Elizabethans Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399049
16 Aug 2014  Tamworth v Halesowen Hints Road, Tamworth misc399050
16 Aug 2014  Water Orton v Stourbridge Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399051
23 Aug 2014  Eastnor v Leamington Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399052
23 Aug 2014  Halesowen v Coventry and North Warwickshire Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc399053
23 Aug 2014  Old Elizabethans v Attock The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399054
23 Aug 2014  Stourbridge v Penkridge War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399055
23 Aug 2014  Tamworth v Brewood Hints Road, Tamworth misc399056
23 Aug 2014  Whitchurch v Water Orton Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399057
25 Aug 2014  Brewood v Old Elizabethans Deansfield, Brewood misc399058a
25 Aug 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Whitchurch Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc399059a
25 Aug 2014  Halesowen v Eastnor Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc399060a
25 Aug 2014  Penkridge v Tamworth Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399061a
25 Aug 2014  Stourbridge v Attock War Memorial Ground, Amblecote misc399062a
25 Aug 2014  Water Orton v Leamington Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399063a
30 Aug 2014  Attock v Halesowen Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399064
30 Aug 2014  Eastnor v Stourbridge Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399065
30 Aug 2014  Leamington v Tamworth Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399066
30 Aug 2014  Old Elizabethans v Coventry and North Warwickshire The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399067
30 Aug 2014  Penkridge v Whitchurch Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399068
30 Aug 2014  Water Orton v Brewood Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399069
06 Sep 2014  Attock v Penkridge Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc399070
06 Sep 2014  Brewood v Halesowen Deansfield, Brewood misc399071
06 Sep 2014  Eastnor v Water Orton Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor misc399072
06 Sep 2014  Old Elizabethans v Leamington The Memorial Ground, Worcester misc399073
06 Sep 2014  Tamworth v Coventry and North Warwickshire Hints Road, Tamworth misc399074
06 Sep 2014  Whitchurch v Stourbridge Heath Road, Whitchurch misc399075
13 Sep 2014  Coventry and North Warwickshire v Brewood Bulls Head Ground, Coventry misc399076
13 Sep 2014  Halesowen v Whitchurch Seth Somers Park, Halesowen misc399077
13 Sep 2014  Leamington v Attock Arlington Avenue, Leamington Spa misc399078
13 Sep 2014  Penkridge v Eastnor Cannock Road, Pillaton misc399079
13 Sep 2014  Tamworth v Stourbridge Hints Road, Tamworth misc399080
13 Sep 2014  Water Orton v Old Elizabethans Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc399081





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