Western District Cricket Union Premiership Reserve 2013

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11 May 2013  Anniesland v Strathclyde New Anniesland, Glasgow misc340232a
11 May 2013  Garscube v Marress Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc340233a
11 May 2013  Kingholm v Ardencaple Kingholm Park, Dumfries misc
11 May 2013  Kirkstyle v Hughenden Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc340231a
18 May 2013  Garscube v Kingholm Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc
18 May 2013  Hughenden v Marress Hughenden, Glasgow misc340236a
18 May 2013  Kirkstyle v Anniesland Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc340235a
18 May 2013  Strathclyde v Ardencaple Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc340237a
25 May 2013  #Anniesland v Hughenden New Anniesland, Glasgow misc340239
25 May 2013  Ardencaple v Garscube Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340241a
25 May 2013  Kingholm v Kirkstyle Kingholm Park, Dumfries misc340240a
25 May 2013  Marress v Strathclyde Marress, Irvine misc340242a
01 Jun 2013  Garscube v Strathclyde Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc
01 Jun 2013  #Kingholm v Anniesland Castleholm, Langholm misc340244
01 Jun 2013  #Marress v Kirkstyle Marress, Irvine misc340243
08 Jun 2013  #Anniesland v Marress New Anniesland, Glasgow misc340246
08 Jun 2013  Hughenden v Garscube Hughenden, Glasgow misc
08 Jun 2013  #Kirkstyle v Ardencaple Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc340247
08 Jun 2013  #Strathclyde v Kingholm Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc340249
15 Jun 2013  Ardencaple v Anniesland Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340252a
15 Jun 2013  Garscube v Kirkstyle Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc
15 Jun 2013  Hughenden v Strathclyde Hughenden, Glasgow misc
15 Jun 2013  Kingholm v Marress Kingholm Park, Dumfries misc340253a
22 Jun 2013  Anniesland v Garscube New Anniesland, Glasgow misc
22 Jun 2013  Hughenden v Kingholm Hughenden, Glasgow misc340257a
22 Jun 2013  #Kirkstyle v Strathclyde Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc340256
22 Jun 2013  Marress v Ardencaple Marress, Irvine misc340254a
06 Jul 2013  #Ardencaple v Hughenden Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340259
06 Jul 2013  Strathclyde v Kirkstyle Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc
20 Jul 2013  #Ardencaple v Kingholm Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340263
20 Jul 2013  #Hughenden v Kirkstyle Hughenden, Glasgow misc340260
20 Jul 2013  Marress v Garscube Marress, Irvine misc
20 Jul 2013  Strathclyde v Anniesland Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc
27 Jul 2013  Garscube v Ardencaple Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc
27 Jul 2013  #Hughenden v Anniesland Hughenden, Glasgow misc340264
27 Jul 2013  Kirkstyle v Kingholm Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc
27 Jul 2013  Strathclyde v Marress Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc340267a
03 Aug 2013  #Anniesland v Kirkstyle New Anniesland, Glasgow misc340268
03 Aug 2013  #Ardencaple v Strathclyde Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340270
03 Aug 2013  Kingholm v Garscube Kingholm Park, Dumfries misc
03 Aug 2013  #Marress v Hughenden Marress, Irvine misc340269
10 Aug 2013  #Anniesland v Kingholm New Anniesland, Glasgow misc340274
10 Aug 2013  #Hughenden v Ardencaple Hughenden, Glasgow misc340272
10 Aug 2013  #Kirkstyle v Marress Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc340273
10 Aug 2013  Strathclyde v Garscube Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc
17 Aug 2013  Ardencaple v Kirkstyle Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340277a
17 Aug 2013  Garscube v Hughenden Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc
17 Aug 2013  Kingholm v Strathclyde Kingholm Park, Dumfries misc340279a
17 Aug 2013  Marress v Anniesland Marress, Irvine misc340276a
24 Aug 2013  #Anniesland v Ardencaple New Anniesland, Glasgow misc340282
24 Aug 2013  Kirkstyle v Garscube Kirkstyle, Kilmarnock misc
24 Aug 2013  #Marress v Kingholm Marress, Irvine misc340283
24 Aug 2013  Strathclyde v Hughenden Old Anniesland, Glasgow misc
31 Aug 2013  Ardencaple v Marress Ardencaple, Helensburgh misc340284a
31 Aug 2013  Garscube v Anniesland Garscube Estate, Glasgow misc
31 Aug 2013  #Kingholm v Hughenden Kingholm Park, Dumfries misc340286

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