Manchester and District Cricket Association Division One 2013

20 Apr 2013  Bolton Indians v Bolton Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349616
20 Apr 2013  Lostock v Deane and Derby Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349617
20 Apr 2013  Newton Heath v South West Manchester Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349618
20 Apr 2013  Swinton Moorside v Wythenshawe Moorside Park, Swinton misc349619
20 Apr 2013  Whalley Range v Winton Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349620
27 Apr 2013  Bolton v Swinton Moorside Green Lane, Bolton misc349621
27 Apr 2013  Deane and Derby v Newton Heath Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349622
27 Apr 2013  South West Manchester v Bolton Indians Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349623
27 Apr 2013  Winton v Worsley Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349624
27 Apr 2013  Wythenshawe v Whalley Range Longley Lane, Northenden misc349625
04 May 2013  Bolton v Worsley Green Lane, Bolton misc349626
04 May 2013  Deane and Derby v Swinton Moorside Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349627
04 May 2013  Lostock v Bolton Indians Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349628
04 May 2013  South West Manchester v Whalley Range Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349629
04 May 2013  Wythenshawe v Winton Longley Lane, Northenden misc349630
11 May 2013  Bolton Indians v Deane and Derby Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc
11 May 2013  Newton Heath v Lostock Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349632a
11 May 2013  Swinton Moorside v South West Manchester Moorside Park, Swinton misc
11 May 2013  Whalley Range v Bolton Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349634
11 May 2013  Worsley v Wythenshawe Walkden Road, Worsley misc349635a
18 May 2013  Bolton Indians v Newton Heath Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349636a
18 May 2013  Swinton Moorside v Lostock Moorside Park, Swinton misc349637
18 May 2013  Whalley Range v Deane and Derby Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349638
18 May 2013  #Winton v Bolton Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349639
18 May 2013  #Worsley v South West Manchester Walkden Road, Worsley misc349640
25 May 2013  Bolton v Wythenshawe Green Lane, Bolton misc349641
25 May 2013  Deane and Derby v Worsley Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349642
25 May 2013  Lostock v Whalley Range Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349643
25 May 2013  Newton Heath v Swinton Moorside Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349644
25 May 2013  South West Manchester v Winton Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349645
01 Jun 2013  Bolton v South West Manchester Green Lane, Bolton misc
01 Jun 2013  Whalley Range v Bolton Indians Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349647
01 Jun 2013  Winton v Lostock Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349648
01 Jun 2013  Worsley v Newton Heath Walkden Road, Worsley misc349649
01 Jun 2013  Wythenshawe v Deane and Derby Longley Lane, Northenden misc349650
08 Jun 2013  Bolton Indians v Swinton Moorside Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349651
08 Jun 2013  Deane and Derby v Winton Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349652
08 Jun 2013  Lostock v Worsley Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349653
08 Jun 2013  Newton Heath v Whalley Range Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349654
08 Jun 2013  South West Manchester v Wythenshawe Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349655
15 Jun 2013  Bolton v Lostock Green Lane, Bolton misc349656
15 Jun 2013  South West Manchester v Deane and Derby Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349657
15 Jun 2013  Winton v Bolton Indians Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349658
15 Jun 2013  Worsley v Swinton Moorside Walkden Road, Worsley misc349659
15 Jun 2013  Wythenshawe v Newton Heath Longley Lane, Northenden misc349660
22 Jun 2013  Bolton Indians v Worsley Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349661
22 Jun 2013  Deane and Derby v Bolton Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349662
22 Jun 2013  Lostock v Wythenshawe Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349663
22 Jun 2013  Newton Heath v Winton Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349664
22 Jun 2013  Swinton Moorside v Whalley Range Moorside Park, Swinton misc349665
29 Jun 2013  #Bolton v Bolton Indians Green Lane, Bolton misc349666
29 Jun 2013  Deane and Derby v Lostock Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349667
29 Jun 2013  South West Manchester v Newton Heath Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349668
29 Jun 2013  Winton v Whalley Range Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349669
29 Jun 2013  Wythenshawe v Swinton Moorside Longley Lane, Northenden misc349670
06 Jul 2013  Bolton Indians v Wythenshawe Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349671
06 Jul 2013  Lostock v South West Manchester Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349672
06 Jul 2013  Newton Heath v Bolton Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349673
06 Jul 2013  Swinton Moorside v Winton Moorside Park, Swinton misc349674
06 Jul 2013  Whalley Range v Worsley Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349675
13 Jul 2013  Bolton Indians v South West Manchester Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349676
13 Jul 2013  Newton Heath v Deane and Derby Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349677
13 Jul 2013  Swinton Moorside v Bolton Moorside Park, Swinton misc349678
13 Jul 2013  Whalley Range v Wythenshawe Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349679
13 Jul 2013  Worsley v Winton Walkden Road, Worsley misc349680
20 Jul 2013  Bolton v Whalley Range Green Lane, Bolton misc349681
20 Jul 2013  Deane and Derby v Bolton Indians Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349682
20 Jul 2013  Lostock v Newton Heath Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349683
20 Jul 2013  South West Manchester v Swinton Moorside Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349684
20 Jul 2013  Wythenshawe v Worsley Longley Lane, Northenden misc349685
27 Jul 2013  Bolton Indians v Lostock Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc349686
27 Jul 2013  Swinton Moorside v Deane and Derby Moorside Park, Swinton misc349687
27 Jul 2013  Whalley Range v South West Manchester Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349688
27 Jul 2013  Winton v Wythenshawe Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349689
27 Jul 2013  Worsley v Bolton Walkden Road, Worsley misc349690
03 Aug 2013  Bolton v Winton Green Lane, Bolton misc349691
03 Aug 2013  Deane and Derby v Whalley Range Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc349692
03 Aug 2013  Lostock v Swinton Moorside Lostock Lane, Lostock misc349693
03 Aug 2013  Newton Heath v Bolton Indians Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc349694
03 Aug 2013  South West Manchester v Worsley Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349695
10 Aug 2013  Swinton Moorside v Newton Heath Moorside Park, Swinton misc349696
10 Aug 2013  Whalley Range v Lostock Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349697
10 Aug 2013  Winton v South West Manchester Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349698
10 Aug 2013  Worsley v Deane and Derby Walkden Road, Worsley misc349699
10 Aug 2013  Wythenshawe v Bolton Longley Lane, Northenden misc349700
17 Aug 2013  Bolton v Newton Heath Green Lane, Bolton misc
17 Aug 2013  South West Manchester v Lostock Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc349702
17 Aug 2013  Winton v Swinton Moorside Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349703
17 Aug 2013  Worsley v Whalley Range Walkden Road, Worsley misc349704a
17 Aug 2013  Wythenshawe v Bolton Indians Longley Lane, Northenden misc349705
24 Aug 2013  Bolton Indians v Whalley Range Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc
24 Aug 2013  Deane and Derby v Wythenshawe Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc
24 Aug 2013  Lostock v Winton Lostock Lane, Lostock misc
24 Aug 2013  Newton Heath v Worsley Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc
24 Aug 2013  South West Manchester v Bolton Ellesmere Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy misc
31 Aug 2013  Bolton v Deane and Derby Green Lane, Bolton misc349711
31 Aug 2013  Whalley Range v Swinton Moorside Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349712
31 Aug 2013  Winton v Newton Heath Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349713
31 Aug 2013  Worsley v Bolton Indians Walkden Road, Worsley misc349714
31 Aug 2013  Wythenshawe v Lostock Longley Lane, Northenden misc349715
07 Sep 2013  Bolton Indians v Winton Hacken Lane, Darcy Lever misc
07 Sep 2013  Deane and Derby v South West Manchester Sunnyside Park, Bolton misc
07 Sep 2013  Lostock v Bolton Lostock Lane, Lostock misc
07 Sep 2013  Newton Heath v Wythenshawe Greaves Field, Newton Heath misc
07 Sep 2013  Swinton Moorside v Worsley Moorside Park, Swinton misc
14 Sep 2013  Swinton Moorside v Bolton Indians Moorside Park, Swinton misc349721
14 Sep 2013  Whalley Range v Newton Heath Kingsbrook Road, Whalley Range misc349722
14 Sep 2013  Winton v Deane and Derby Alder Forest Avenue, Winton misc349723
14 Sep 2013  Worsley v Lostock Walkden Road, Worsley misc349724
14 Sep 2013  Wythenshawe v South West Manchester Longley Lane, Northenden misc

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