West of England Premier League Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Division 2011

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

07 May 2011  Biddestone v Dumbleton Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306347
07 May 2011  Marshfield v Goatacre Broadleys, Marshfield misc306351
07 May 2011  Potterne v Cheltenham The Grove, Potterne misc306350
07 May 2011  Rockhampton v Swindon The Common, Rockhampton misc306349
07 May 2011  Trowbridge v Stroud County Ground, Trowbridge misc306348
14 May 2011  Cheltenham v Biddestone Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306352
14 May 2011  Dumbleton v Rockhampton Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306353
14 May 2011  Stroud v Goatacre Farm Hill, Stroud misc306354
14 May 2011  Swindon v Marshfield The County Ground, Swindon misc306356
14 May 2011  Trowbridge v Potterne County Ground, Trowbridge misc306355
21 May 2011  Biddestone v Trowbridge Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306361
21 May 2011  Dumbleton v Cheltenham Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306360
21 May 2011  Potterne v Goatacre The Grove, Potterne misc306357
21 May 2011  Rockhampton v Marshfield The Common, Rockhampton misc306358
21 May 2011  Swindon v Stroud The County Ground, Swindon misc306359
28 May 2011  Cheltenham v Rockhampton Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306362
28 May 2011  Goatacre v Biddestone Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306363
28 May 2011  Stroud v Marshfield Farm Hill, Stroud misc306364
28 May 2011  Swindon v Potterne The County Ground, Swindon misc306365
28 May 2011  Trowbridge v Dumbleton County Ground, Trowbridge misc306366
04 Jun 2011  Biddestone v Swindon Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306370
04 Jun 2011  Cheltenham v Trowbridge Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306371
04 Jun 2011  Dumbleton v Goatacre Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306369
04 Jun 2011  Potterne v Marshfield The Grove, Potterne misc306367
04 Jun 2011  Rockhampton v Stroud The Common, Rockhampton misc306368
11 Jun 2011  Goatacre v Cheltenham Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306374
11 Jun 2011  Marshfield v Biddestone Broadleys, Marshfield misc306376
11 Jun 2011  Stroud v Potterne Farm Hill, Stroud misc306375
11 Jun 2011  Swindon v Dumbleton The County Ground, Swindon misc306373
11 Jun 2011  Trowbridge v Rockhampton County Ground, Trowbridge misc306372
18 Jun 2011  Biddestone v Stroud Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306380a
18 Jun 2011  Cheltenham v Swindon Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306379
18 Jun 2011  Dumbleton v Marshfield Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306378a
18 Jun 2011  Rockhampton v Potterne The Common, Rockhampton misc306377a
18 Jun 2011  Trowbridge v Goatacre County Ground, Trowbridge misc306381a
25 Jun 2011  Goatacre v Rockhampton Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306383
25 Jun 2011  Marshfield v Cheltenham Broadleys, Marshfield misc306386
25 Jun 2011  Potterne v Biddestone The Grove, Potterne misc306385a
25 Jun 2011  Stroud v Dumbleton Farm Hill, Stroud misc306384
25 Jun 2011  Swindon v Trowbridge The County Ground, Swindon misc306382
02 Jul 2011  Biddestone v Rockhampton Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306387
02 Jul 2011  Cheltenham v Stroud Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306388
02 Jul 2011  Dumbleton v Potterne Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306390
02 Jul 2011  Goatacre v Swindon Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306389
02 Jul 2011  Trowbridge v Marshfield County Ground, Trowbridge misc306391
09 Jul 2011  Biddestone v Cheltenham Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306396a
09 Jul 2011  Goatacre v Stroud Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306392a
09 Jul 2011  Marshfield v Swindon Broadleys, Marshfield misc306393a
09 Jul 2011  Potterne v Trowbridge The Grove, Potterne misc306394
09 Jul 2011  Rockhampton v Dumbleton The Common, Rockhampton misc306395
16 Jul 2011  Cheltenham v Dumbleton Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306397a
16 Jul 2011  Goatacre v Potterne Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306398a
16 Jul 2011  Marshfield v Rockhampton Broadleys, Marshfield misc306399a
16 Jul 2011  Stroud v Swindon Farm Hill, Stroud misc306401a
16 Jul 2011  Trowbridge v Biddestone County Ground, Trowbridge misc306400a
23 Jul 2011  Biddestone v Goatacre Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306406
23 Jul 2011  Dumbleton v Trowbridge Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306405
23 Jul 2011  Marshfield v Stroud Broadleys, Marshfield misc306403
23 Jul 2011  Potterne v Swindon The Grove, Potterne misc306402
23 Jul 2011  Rockhampton v Cheltenham The Common, Rockhampton misc306404
30 Jul 2011  Goatacre v Dumbleton Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306407
30 Jul 2011  Marshfield v Potterne Broadleys, Marshfield misc306409
30 Jul 2011  Stroud v Rockhampton Farm Hill, Stroud misc306408
30 Jul 2011  Swindon v Biddestone The County Ground, Swindon misc306410
30 Jul 2011  Trowbridge v Cheltenham County Ground, Trowbridge misc306411
06 Aug 2011  Biddestone v Marshfield Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306414
06 Aug 2011  Cheltenham v Goatacre Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306415
06 Aug 2011  Dumbleton v Swindon Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306416
06 Aug 2011  Potterne v Stroud The Grove, Potterne misc306412
06 Aug 2011  Rockhampton v Trowbridge The Common, Rockhampton misc306413
13 Aug 2011  Goatacre v Trowbridge Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306420a
13 Aug 2011  Marshfield v Dumbleton Broadleys, Marshfield misc306421
13 Aug 2011  Potterne v Rockhampton The Grove, Potterne misc306419a
13 Aug 2011  Stroud v Biddestone Farm Hill, Stroud misc306418
13 Aug 2011  Swindon v Cheltenham The County Ground, Swindon misc306417
20 Aug 2011  Biddestone v Potterne Cuttle Lane, Biddestone misc306425
20 Aug 2011  Cheltenham v Marshfield Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306423
20 Aug 2011  Dumbleton v Stroud Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306424
20 Aug 2011  Rockhampton v Goatacre The Common, Rockhampton misc306422
20 Aug 2011  Trowbridge v Swindon County Ground, Trowbridge misc306426
27 Aug 2011  Marshfield v Trowbridge Broadleys, Marshfield misc306428a
27 Aug 2011  Potterne v Dumbleton The Grove, Potterne misc306429
27 Aug 2011  Rockhampton v Biddestone The Common, Rockhampton misc306430a
27 Aug 2011  Stroud v Cheltenham Farm Hill, Stroud misc306431a
27 Aug 2011  Swindon v Goatacre The County Ground, Swindon misc306427
03 Sep 2011  Cheltenham v Potterne Victoria Ground, Cheltenham misc306432
03 Sep 2011  Dumbleton v Biddestone Dairy Lane, Dumbleton misc306433
03 Sep 2011  Goatacre v Marshfield Goatacre Cricket Ground, Goatacre misc306434
03 Sep 2011  Stroud v Trowbridge Farm Hill, Stroud misc306436
03 Sep 2011  Swindon v Rockhampton The County Ground, Swindon misc306435





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