Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League Third Division 2013

 Points Table
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11 May 2013  Ashford Town v Holmesdale Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9285
11 May 2013  Chestfield v Harvel Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9292
11 May 2013  Cowdrey v Old Wilsonians Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9294
11 May 2013  Hythe v Old Colfeians The Grove, Hythe kcl9299
11 May 2013  Old Elthamians v Nonington Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9304
18 May 2013  Harvel v Old Elthamians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9330
18 May 2013  Holmesdale v Hythe Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9332
18 May 2013  Nonington v Cowdrey Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9336
18 May 2013  Old Colfeians v Chestfield Horn Park, Lee kcl9337
18 May 2013  Old Wilsonians v Ashford Town Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9339
25 May 2013  Ashford Town v Old Colfeians Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9344
25 May 2013  Chestfield v Old Elthamians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9351
25 May 2013  Cowdrey v Holmesdale Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9353
25 May 2013  Hythe v Harvel The Grove, Hythe kcl9358
25 May 2013  Old Wilsonians v Nonington Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9362
01 Jun 2013  Harvel v Ashford Town Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9388
01 Jun 2013  Holmesdale v Old Wilsonians Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9390
01 Jun 2013  Nonington v Chestfield Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9394
01 Jun 2013  Old Colfeians v Cowdrey Horn Park, Lee kcl9396
01 Jun 2013  Old Elthamians v Hythe Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9397
08 Jun 2013  Ashford Town v Chestfield Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9402
08 Jun 2013  Cowdrey v Old Elthamians Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9411
08 Jun 2013  Holmesdale v Old Colfeians Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9416
08 Jun 2013  Hythe v Nonington The Grove, Hythe kcl9418
08 Jun 2013  Old Wilsonians v Harvel Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9420
15 Jun 2013  Chestfield v Hythe Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9440
15 Jun 2013  Harvel v Cowdrey Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9446
15 Jun 2013  Nonington v Holmesdale Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9452
15 Jun 2013  Old Colfeians v Old Wilsonians Horn Park, Lee kcl9454
15 Jun 2013  Old Elthamians v Ashford Town Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9455
22 Jun 2013  Ashford Town v Cowdrey Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9461
22 Jun 2013  Chestfield v Holmesdale Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9470
22 Jun 2013  Hythe v Old Wilsonians The Grove, Hythe kcl9474
22 Jun 2013  Nonington v Harvel Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9478
22 Jun 2013  Old Elthamians v Old Colfeians Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9480
29 Jun 2013  Ashford Town v Hythe Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9490
29 Jun 2013  Cowdrey v Chestfield Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9500
29 Jun 2013  Holmesdale v Harvel Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9507
29 Jun 2013  Old Colfeians v Nonington Horn Park, Lee kcl9510
29 Jun 2013  Old Wilsonians v Old Elthamians Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9512
06 Jul 2013  Chestfield v Old Wilsonians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9529
06 Jul 2013  Harvel v Old Colfeians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9533
06 Jul 2013  Hythe v Cowdrey The Grove, Hythe kcl9534
06 Jul 2013  Nonington v Ashford Town Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9539
06 Jul 2013  Old Elthamians v Holmesdale Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9541
13 Jul 2013  Harvel v Chestfield Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9565
13 Jul 2013  Holmesdale v Ashford Town Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9567
13 Jul 2013  Nonington v Old Elthamians Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9571
13 Jul 2013  Old Colfeians v Hythe Horn Park, Lee kcl9572
13 Jul 2013  Old Wilsonians v Cowdrey Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9574
20 Jul 2013  Ashford Town v Old Wilsonians Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9580
20 Jul 2013  Chestfield v Old Colfeians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9587
20 Jul 2013  Cowdrey v Nonington Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9589
20 Jul 2013  Hythe v Holmesdale The Grove, Hythe kcl9594
20 Jul 2013  Old Elthamians v Harvel Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9599
27 Jul 2013  Harvel v Hythe Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9625
27 Jul 2013  Holmesdale v Cowdrey Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9627
27 Jul 2013  Nonington v Old Wilsonians Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9630a
27 Jul 2013  Old Colfeians v Ashford Town Horn Park, Lee kcl9632
27 Jul 2013  Old Elthamians v Chestfield Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9633
03 Aug 2013  Ashford Town v Harvel Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9639
03 Aug 2013  Chestfield v Nonington Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9646
03 Aug 2013  Cowdrey v Old Colfeians Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9648
03 Aug 2013  Hythe v Old Elthamians The Grove, Hythe kcl9653
03 Aug 2013  Old Wilsonians v Holmesdale Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9658
10 Aug 2013  Chestfield v Ashford Town Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9679
10 Aug 2013  Harvel v Old Wilsonians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9685
10 Aug 2013  Nonington v Hythe Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9691
10 Aug 2013  Old Colfeians v Holmesdale Horn Park, Lee kcl9693
10 Aug 2013  Old Elthamians v Cowdrey Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9694
17 Aug 2013  Ashford Town v Old Elthamians Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9699
17 Aug 2013  Cowdrey v Harvel Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9708
17 Aug 2013  Holmesdale v Nonington Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9713
17 Aug 2013  Hythe v Chestfield The Grove, Hythe kcl9715
17 Aug 2013  Old Wilsonians v Old Colfeians Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9717
24 Aug 2013  Cowdrey v Ashford Town Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9728j
24 Aug 2013  Harvel v Nonington Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9730
24 Aug 2013  Holmesdale v Chestfield Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9730b
24 Aug 2013  Old Colfeians v Old Elthamians Horn Park, Lee kcl9731a
24 Aug 2013  Old Wilsonians v Hythe Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9731c
31 Aug 2013  Chestfield v Cowdrey Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9743
31 Aug 2013  Harvel v Holmesdale Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9747
31 Aug 2013  Hythe v Ashford Town The Grove, Hythe kcl9748
31 Aug 2013  Nonington v Old Colfeians Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9753
31 Aug 2013  Old Elthamians v Old Wilsonians Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9755
07 Sep 2013  Ashford Town v Nonington Stacians Park, Ashford kcl9763
07 Sep 2013  Cowdrey v Hythe Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9773
07 Sep 2013  Holmesdale v Old Elthamians Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9779
07 Sep 2013  Old Colfeians v Harvel Horn Park, Lee kcl9782
07 Sep 2013  Old Wilsonians v Chestfield Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9784





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