Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League Third Division 2012

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

05 May 2012  Addington Village v Holmesdale Park Road, Addington kcl8817
05 May 2012  Chestfield v Harvel Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl8818h
05 May 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Old Elthamians Rangefield Road, Downham kcl8818l
05 May 2012  High Halstow v Old Wilsonians Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl8819c
05 May 2012  Old Colfeians v Catford Wanderers Horn Park, Lee kcl8819h
12 May 2012  Catford Wanderers v Addington Village Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl8824
12 May 2012  Harvel v Downham and Bellingham Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl8827b
12 May 2012  Holmesdale v Chestfield Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl8828
12 May 2012  Old Elthamians v High Halstow Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl8834
12 May 2012  Old Wilsonians v Old Colfeians Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl8835
19 May 2012  Addington Village v Harvel Park Road, Addington kcl8845
19 May 2012  Chestfield v Old Elthamians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl8855
19 May 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Old Wilsonians Rangefield Road, Downham kcl8858
19 May 2012  High Halstow v Old Colfeians Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl8861
19 May 2012  Holmesdale v Catford Wanderers Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl8862
26 May 2012  Catford Wanderers v High Halstow Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl8881
26 May 2012  Harvel v Holmesdale Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl8887
26 May 2012  Old Colfeians v Downham and Bellingham Horn Park, Lee kcl8891
26 May 2012  Old Elthamians v Addington Village Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl8893
26 May 2012  Old Wilsonians v Chestfield Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl8894
02 Jun 2012  Addington Village v Old Colfeians Park Road, Addington kcl8904
02 Jun 2012  Chestfield v High Halstow Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl8913
02 Jun 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Catford Wanderers Rangefield Road, Downham kcl8916
02 Jun 2012  Harvel v Old Elthamians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl8920
02 Jun 2012  Holmesdale v Old Wilsonians Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl8921
09 Jun 2012  Catford Wanderers v Harvel Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl8940
09 Jun 2012  High Halstow v Downham and Bellingham Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl8945a
09 Jun 2012  Old Colfeians v Chestfield Horn Park, Lee kcl8950
09 Jun 2012  Old Elthamians v Holmesdale Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl8951
09 Jun 2012  Old Wilsonians v Addington Village Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl8952
16 Jun 2012  Catford Wanderers v Old Wilsonians Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl8971
16 Jun 2012  Chestfield v Addington Village Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl8972
16 Jun 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Holmesdale Rangefield Road, Downham kcl8977
16 Jun 2012  High Halstow v Harvel Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl8980a
16 Jun 2012  Old Colfeians v Old Elthamians Horn Park, Lee kcl8985
23 Jun 2012  Addington Village v High Halstow Park Road, Addington kcl8990
23 Jun 2012  Chestfield v Downham and Bellingham Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl8999
23 Jun 2012  Harvel v Old Wilsonians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9002
23 Jun 2012  Holmesdale v Old Colfeians Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9003
23 Jun 2012  Old Elthamians v Catford Wanderers Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9009
30 Jun 2012  Catford Wanderers v Chestfield Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl9028
30 Jun 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Addington Village Rangefield Road, Downham kcl9032
30 Jun 2012  High Halstow v Holmesdale Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl9038
30 Jun 2012  Old Colfeians v Harvel Horn Park, Lee kcl9043
30 Jun 2012  Old Wilsonians v Old Elthamians Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9044
07 Jul 2012  Catford Wanderers v Old Colfeians Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl9055
07 Jul 2012  Harvel v Chestfield Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9059
07 Jul 2012  Holmesdale v Addington Village Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9060
07 Jul 2012  Old Elthamians v Downham and Bellingham Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9066
07 Jul 2012  Old Wilsonians v High Halstow Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9067
14 Jul 2012  Addington Village v Catford Wanderers Park Road, Addington kcl9078a
14 Jul 2012  Chestfield v Holmesdale Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9078m
14 Jul 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Harvel Rangefield Road, Downham kcl9078q
14 Jul 2012  High Halstow v Old Elthamians Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl9078u
14 Jul 2012  Old Colfeians v Old Wilsonians Horn Park, Lee kcl9078z
21 Jul 2012  Catford Wanderers v Holmesdale Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl9086
21 Jul 2012  Harvel v Addington Village Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9092
21 Jul 2012  Old Colfeians v High Halstow Horn Park, Lee kcl9094b
21 Jul 2012  Old Elthamians v Chestfield Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9096
21 Jul 2012  Old Wilsonians v Downham and Bellingham Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9097
28 Jul 2012  Addington Village v Old Elthamians Park Road, Addington kcl9107
28 Jul 2012  Chestfield v Old Wilsonians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9117
28 Jul 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Old Colfeians Rangefield Road, Downham kcl9120
28 Jul 2012  High Halstow v Catford Wanderers Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl9123
28 Jul 2012  Holmesdale v Harvel Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9124
04 Aug 2012  Catford Wanderers v Downham and Bellingham Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl9145
04 Aug 2012  High Halstow v Chestfield Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl9150
04 Aug 2012  Old Colfeians v Addington Village Horn Park, Lee kcl9155
04 Aug 2012  Old Elthamians v Harvel Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9156
04 Aug 2012  Old Wilsonians v Holmesdale Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9157
11 Aug 2012  Addington Village v Old Wilsonians Park Road, Addington kcl9167
11 Aug 2012  Chestfield v Old Colfeians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9176
11 Aug 2012  Downham and Bellingham v High Halstow Rangefield Road, Downham kcl9179
11 Aug 2012  Harvel v Catford Wanderers Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9183
11 Aug 2012  Holmesdale v Old Elthamians Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9184
18 Aug 2012  Addington Village v Chestfield Park Road, Addington kcl9197
18 Aug 2012  Harvel v High Halstow Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9207
18 Aug 2012  Holmesdale v Downham and Bellingham Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9208
18 Aug 2012  Old Elthamians v Old Colfeians Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9214
18 Aug 2012  Old Wilsonians v Catford Wanderers Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9215
25 Aug 2012  Catford Wanderers v Old Elthamians Catford Wanderers Sports and Social Club, Catford kcl9233a
25 Aug 2012  Downham and Bellingham v Chestfield Rangefield Road, Downham kcl9237
25 Aug 2012  High Halstow v Addington Village Rayners Meadow, High Halstow kcl9242
25 Aug 2012  Old Colfeians v Holmesdale Horn Park, Lee kcl9246
25 Aug 2012  Old Wilsonians v Harvel Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl9247
01 Sep 2012  Addington Village v Downham and Bellingham Park Road, Addington kcl9253
01 Sep 2012  Chestfield v Catford Wanderers Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl9262
01 Sep 2012  Harvel v Old Colfeians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl9265
01 Sep 2012  Holmesdale v High Halstow Montreal Park, Sevenoaks kcl9266
01 Sep 2012  Old Elthamians v Old Wilsonians Foxbury Sports Ground, Chislehurst kcl9272





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