Fielding in Lees Brewery Lancashire County League 2005 (Ordered by Catches)

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D Ashworth (Duk)167916
TPA Standing (Den)2571825
D Morpeth (CH)17628
SD Dunning (RG)174610
J Hobday (FF)224711
RA Pringle (Duk)6426
M Lee (Tho)20336
LK Parkinson (Irl)243811
N Ridehaugh (Wk)223811
P Bredenkamp (FF)182 2
S Flegg (CH)132 2
T McMenemie (DSL)182 2
G Radford (FF)152 2
L Shufflebottom (FF)222 2
G Abbas (Den)241 1
W Ahmed (CH)221 1
M Bocarro (DSL)241 1
S Chambers (FF)191 1
D Dickin (FF)151 1
M Dyson (FF)241 1
AJ Hawley (DSL)251 1
L King (FF)191 1
AG Leech (Den)241 1
G Lister (FF)51 1
M Mallard (CH)251 1
G Middleton (FF)231 1
M Shafiq (Den)251 1
DL Taylor (Stand)20112
N Tufail (Tho)231 1
A Yates (Tho)71 1
D Brown (RG)9011
S Hague (DW)19011
G Tuson (Ws)17033
IT Walker (Pres)25055
C Whitehead (Ws)3011
B Williams (DW)2401616





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