Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1986/87 (Ordered by Average)

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TJ Barsby (Qld)121811-88.00 00
AR Border (Qld)166106942-5817.25 00
GM Ritchie (Qld)7233821-219.00 00
PA Capes (WA)108650458224-7720.81 00
MA Polzin (Qld)78628382187-5921.22 11
AK Zesers (SAus)28321551016477-6721.61 20
CJ McDermott (Qld)189444993446-8922.56 50
MG Hughes (Vic)2452811079445-6124.52 31
GF Lawson (NSW)87937322134-3424.76 00
CD Matthews (WA)2584911216476-4625.87 30
BA Reid (WA)198777861314-4927.77 00
RM Ellison (Tas)147049585216-7727.85 10
SR Waugh (NSW)87023424153-3328.26 00
PM Schenscher (SAus)10805822-2729.00 00
B Mulder (WA)94850363124-1730.25 00
KH MacLeay (WA)27661421004333-3230.42 00
GA Hughes (Tas)15646321-731.50 00
TBA May (SAus)29751181304415-6031.80 20
VJ Marks (WA)2740153955305-5531.83 10
PW Jackson (Vic)83535414134-11131.84 00
PR Sleep (SAus)125254542174-4831.88 00
ME Waugh (NSW)6643211-232.00 00
RJ Bright (Vic)2366121841264-6232.34 00
JG Hill (Qld)79247325103-1632.50 00
SDH Parkinson (SAus)74320419124-10634.91 00
AIC Dodemaide (Vic)202769917263-3435.26 00
D Tazelaar (Qld)184753961274-4535.59 00
SP Davis (Vic)158467649183-6636.05 00
TJ Cooley (Tas)4741625674-4136.57 00
SP O'Donnell (Vic)164063772213-3736.76 00
MR Whitney (NSW)114727656175-9738.58 10
K Bradshaw (Tas)192411733-8139.00 00
TM Moody (WA)234127822-939.00 00
PW Gladigau (SAus)100145473123-7739.41 00
JK Pyke (SAus)119747633153-3942.20 00
PJ Carew (Qld)5041922452-6644.80 00
NR Plummer (SAus)264109022-2345.00 00
DR Gilbert (NSW)159749868194-10345.68 00
SJ Milosz (Tas)1986581112246-15346.33 20
AB Henschell (Qld)215090940204-4847.00 00
GRJ Matthews (NSW)120947565123-6647.08 00
MJ Bennett (NSW)10724444493-7949.33 00
DM Jones (Vic)269215831-252.66 00
RG Holland (NSW)133136703136-8654.07 10
GD Campbell (Tas)147211522-11557.50 00
PD Stepto (NSW)12635911-5959.00 00
TG Breman (WA)276812021-2160.00 00
RJ Tucker (NSW)180112621-4563.00 00
RL Brown (Tas)144331850125-11470.83 10
SC Wundke (SAus)17457611-1676.00 00
JD Siddons (Vic)11417811-4478.00 00
RCAM McCarthy (Vic)3601317521-6287.50 00
BA Cruse (Tas)144410011-64100.00 00
H Frei (Qld)6781942342-33105.75 00
AJ de Winter (Tas)342822422-79112.00 00
MP Tame (Tas)313523022-40115.00 00
DC Boon (Tas)223712411-18124.00 00
PL Taylor (NSW)5941427221-34136.00 00
BA Courtice (Qld)3301313611-42136.00 00
WS Kirkman (Tas)174016411-164164.00 00
TJ Zoehrer (WA)6100    
MW McPhee (WA)12200    
MA Taylor (NSW)18210    
ID Frazer (Vic)4040    
WB Phillips (SAus)5040    
DFG O'Connor (SAus)6050    
GA Bishop (SAus)12170    
DA Robertson (SAus)6070    
BP Inwood (Qld)48380    
PA Hibbert (Vic)18090    
DB Scott (SAus)301120    
PD Bowler (Tas)180210    
WS Andrews (WA)603230    
DF Whatmore (Vic)1148450    
GS Trimble (Qld)1202630    
MD O'Neill (NSW)1262820    
DW Hookes (SAus)23471140    
N Jelich (Tas)34262040    





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