Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1899/00 (Ordered by Average)

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FT Hack (SAus)3111311-013.00 00
AJY Hopkins (NSW)43710239125-2419.91 10
MA Noble (NSW)127664530246-9122.08 10
VT Trumper (NSW)4432518083-2622.50 00
H Trumble (Vic)173982619245-14925.79 10
FB Collins (Vic)77819339136-8126.07 10
C Hill (SAus)13235322-626.50 00
G Giffen (SAus)133245654248-28727.25 30
A McBeath (NSW)4352816466-9427.33 10
WP Howell (NSW)97770344125-5228.66 10
JV Saunders (Vic)78133352126-7129.33 10
LW Pye (NSW)6423021274-7130.28 00
WW Armstrong (Vic)246129632-2432.00 00
W Bruce (Vic)3181511132-3137.00 00
RW McLeod (Vic)10854311-2143.00 00
E Jones (SAus)162682758176-8844.58 10
JPF Travers (SAus)5583217942-4244.75 00
JC Reedman (SAus)7192537585-9246.87 10
FJ Laver (Vic)7082630162-4950.16 00
J Worrall (Vic)13235411-1054.00 00
TS Warne (Vic)2761016432-4554.66 00
A Jarvis (SAus)8642838472-5454.85 00
JJ Lyons (SAus)270613121-2465.50 00
V Hugo (SAus)15648311-6583.00 00
PA McAlister (Vic)18160    
EH Leak (SAus)120120    
BW Farquhar (NSW)481190    
N Claxton (SAus)300190    
H Graham (Vic)120210    





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