Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1893/94 (Ordered by Average)

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J Phillips (Vic)5531532-45.00 00
CTB Turner (NSW)94135369306-5112.30 52
A Coningham (NSW)36715149125-4612.41 10
J Harry (Vic)177135944-2014.75 00
CE McLeod (Vic)142190421276-6415.59 30
H Trumble (Vic)5683815293-2816.88 00
AL Newell (NSW)110352401227-19018.22 11
E Jones (SAus)89236389195-5020.47 20
J Noel (SAus)12054322-2621.50 00
GHS Trott (Vic)89728395185-4421.94 10
AC Bannerman (NSW)4812511-2525.00 00
H Haldane (SAus)4512611-726.00 00
A Jarvis (SAus)95827417164-5626.06 00
J Carlton (Vic)97852337123-6028.08 00
G Giffen (SAus)105331519174-5630.52 00
JC Reedman (SAus)3481715954-2531.80 00
GT Parkin (SAus)10883211-1332.00 00
ST Callaway (NSW)4561916555-5533.00 10
TW Garrett (NSW)3421214632-9848.66 00
AE Trott (Vic)10255611-2456.00 00
RW McLeod (Vic)210117911-3679.00 00
GJ Youill (NSW)180150    
J Worrall (Vic)603160    
FA Iredale (NSW)360160    
W Bruce (Vic)362170    
HC Maplestone (Vic)420310    
FJ Laver (Vic)1326490    
JJ Lyons (SAus)1022520    
M Pierce (NSW)1263670    
R Mitchell (Vic)1747740    





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