Brief profile of H.M.Mills
by Don Ambrose

Player:HM Mills

MILLS, Henry Maynard.
Born at Paddington, London, 18th August 1847.
Died at Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13th April 1915.
Educated at St Pauls School, he played in his debut first-class match for the Gentlemen of England in 1879. He played in four first-class matches altogether, including one for Middlesex in 1881. He emigrated to Argentina where he played a few times for the North versus the South.
At the time of the 1881 Census he was lodging at 23 St Marys Terrace, Paddington, London, run by Mary Ann Brigland, a 42 year old widow, with the assistance of one domestic servant. The five lodgers are Arthur Palmer a barrister aged 68, Miss Martha Loveday aged 52 and her son Arthur aged 18, an actor. H.M.Mills is aged 33 a barrister and his brother Thomas Gale Mills is aged 32 a solicitor.


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